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A few words

When we started, in 1987, to translate our ideas into products, we did not have a clue as to where our entrepreneurial trip would end. At the time, production, design, and sales took place in our parents’ garage! Our’s would have been a short story, if not for the support of our very first customers and suppliers. Because of their original commitment to us, absolute customer orientation is the number one priority for our colleagues and us.
Since our founding, several product groups have been designed and successfully launched in the machine safety devices market.
With our subsidiaries and distribution partners in the major industrial countries, we are able to serve our customers in all aspects of labor safety.
As a family-owned company, we attach the highest importance to quality, and for this reason we are proud to connect our own name with our products and services.
We look forward to your enquiries.
We also welcome your comments and any criticism, as this will help us to improve and to create new solutions.

Haake: yesterday - today - tomorrow:

1974 The engineering office Werner Haake is founded.
Development & design/licensing of safety products for renowned clients.
1987 Conversion of the engineering office Werner Haake by his sons André and Oliver into the
Haake Technik GmbH with the aim to design, manufacture and market own products.
1989 Launch of the Haake Safety Pressure Edge HSC, the Haake Safety Bumper HSB and
the Haake Safety Pressure Mat HSM.
1994 Our sales office France is founded.
1997 Our sister company Haake & Seim GmbH is founded.
1998 Launch of the safety pressure edge to category 4 of EN 954-1.
2001 Haake S.R.L in Italy is founded.
2002 Introduction of the Safety Pressure Mat HSM to category 4 of EN 954-1.
2002 Haake AB in Sweden is founded.
2003 Introduction and launch of innovative safety technologies.
2003 Moving into new premises in Vreden.
Introduction and launch of the Haake Safety interlocks HST.
2005 NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne takes over the distribution of Haake products in Australia and New Zealand.
2006 IAC & Associates Inc. in Windsor - Canada, looks after the North American market, and CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd. in Pune becomes distribution partner for India.
2007 Foundation of Haake Safety in Windsor/Ontario - Canada - with production starting summer 2008.
2008 Presentation of new product range Haake Valve Interlocks, HSV, at Hanover Trade Fair.
2008 Foundation of Haake Safety (Pty) Limited in Johannesburg - South Africa.
2009 Balluff-Leuze Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne takes over the distribution of Haake products in Australia and New Zealand from the company NHP Pty. Ltd.
2009 Merger between Haake + Seim GmbH and Haake Technik GmbH
2010 Haake Technik GmbH launch onto the Russian market with their own employees.
2011 Employment of personnel especially for the valve interlock product range HSV