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Advantages for the User

Valve interlocks can only be used when both keys are inserted in the interlock. Both keys are individually coded. A key with the wrong coding cannot be inserted in the interlock respectively cannot open this. Each key can only be removed when the valve is in a certain position. Once one key has been removed, the other one is trapped in the interlock.

Interlocking systems for lever-operated valves are distinguished by the fact that the position of the removed keys corresponds with the final position. This guarantees the removal of one key only when the valve is fully open and the removal of the other key only when the valve is fully closed. Interlocking systems for hand-wheel operated valves are used for different applications. With these systems the final position can generally be adjusted. Often the final position is selected as “Valve fully open” and “Valve fully closed”. But other valve positions are also possible. For this, there is one key/lock for every final position. A key can only be removed from the defined final position.

Valve interlocks HSV Advantages

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