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An often critical feature for any electrical component, of course for safety edges, too, is sealing. Ingress of humidity or water may lead to failures. Critical for sealing, in a safety edge, is the interface between rubber profile and end caps being normally glued to each other.
Haake supply devices of different materials and closing technologies for indoor or outdoor use, respectively. Our safety edges for outdoor use are vulcanised at the end caps, so that water is not an issue.

Indoors, the use of devices having glued end caps does not present any problems. Here safety edges will often be exposed to aggressive environments, such as oils, cooling agents etc. Water however will rarely occur in substantial amounts. Further, extreme temperatures, ozone and u.v. radiation will seldom be found in high concentrations.

Outdoors, on the contrary, such conditions do exist. The glue of the end caps will become brittle with time, affecting the sealing.

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