Secure machines and systems with an overtravel way
Prevent accidents with the Haake HST® force-guided trapped key interlocking system

Development of an individual key transfer system for HAZEMAG - an application example for securing impact crushers

In some industrial sectors, machines and systems are used that are designed in such a way that they require a stopping travelling way until they come to a complete standstill. In other words, even if they are switched off, it takes time for them to come to a standstill. A grinder, for example, has such a run-on process and harbours the risk of a fatal catchment area if the standstill is not waited for.

In order to rule out such dangers and thus accidents, HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH has opted for the longstanding, robust and proven sequential protection provided by a HAAKE HST® key transfer system.

To open the guard locking device on the Hazemag impact crusher and activate the release of the HAAKE HST® M key, the user must first switch off the machine. Only after the grinder has come to a complete standstill can a switch be pressed and the key released. This key can now be used to open the service flap in the HAAKE HST® tumbler device on the impact crusher - the key is trapped in the tumbler device.

As long as the service flap is open, the key cannot be removed. This is only possible when the flap is closed. This ensures that the machine cannot be started if a person is in the danger zone.

We would like to thank HAZEMAG for the continuously pleasant co-operation!

As a global partner in the cement, aggregates, recycling and mining industries, HAZEMAG offers sustainable success with a multitude of product innovations, application experience and technical excellence. More information about HAZEMAG can be found here:

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Overview of your benefits

  • High safety, customised coding
  • Only predetermined, safety-compliant sequences are possible
  • No hidden substitute actuators
  • No wiring to individual safety doors (cost reduction, fault prevention)
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Door locks have a locking guard
  • Ideal for machines powered by different types of energy (electric, pneumatic, etc.)
  • For areas where a person can be locked in: personal keys
  • A simple way to implement the safety requirements for your setup
  • Our key transfer systems is the only solution on the market that is certified according to Annex X of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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