Access protection for animal enclosures
preventing accidents with predators

Access protection for animal enclosures

Haake Technik Schlüsseltransfersystem Zoo
Haake Technik Schlüsseltransfersystem Zoo
Schlüsseltransfersystem Zoo
Schlüsseltransfersystem zur Absicherung von Tiergehegen
Tiergehege mit Schlüsseltransfersystem
Zugangsabsicherung von Tiergehegen
Tiergehege abgesichert

For more than 30 years, Haake Technik GmbH has been successfully developing and manufacturing safety technology for machines and plants. Our top priority is to protect people from accidents at work and thus to secure machines according to the most demanding requirements.

Since there have been various, sometimes fatal, accidents with wild animals in zoos over the past decades, certain requirements for the safe design of animal enclosures have been recommended by statutory accident insurance companies. This is to ensure that sliding gates and enclosure doors always remain closed.

With our individual trapped-key interlocking system HST we have not only created a possibility for securing plants and machines, but also a safety system for extremely demanding zoo enclosures. With this access protection system for animal enclosures, we protect both humans and animals from accidents in zoo enclosures and thus help to make everyday zoo life safer.

Protection for animal enclosures, sluices and sliding gates

The keeping of particularly dangerous wild animals requires a high safety enclosure, which must fulfil certain criteria. Depending on the number of wild animals, a corresponding number of predator enclosures must be available to ensure safe entry for feeding, cleaning etc. without contact with a predator. The adjacent wild animal enclosures where the predators are kept in the meantime must be professionally secured for this purpose. Particularly secure door locking systems prevent the doors from being opened unintentionally by the animals and only allow the enclosure to be opened when the adjacent enclosures are securely closed.

It is important for zoos to fulfil all security levels, both for the protection of the wild animals as well as the safety of keepers and visitors. With an easy-to-operate access protection system for animal enclosures you ensure that all enclosure doors and sliding gates are always locked correctly for the specific situation thanks to a compulsory sequence. Thus it is not possible to open the sliding gates while zoo keepers are in the enclosure.

Mechanical trapped-key interlocking systems for zoos

The mechanical trapped-key interlocking system HST fulfils the high german requirements on access protection for animal enclosures according to the guided book issued by statutory accident insurance companies.

The major advantage of the door locking system is that complete conversion is not necessary. You get a secure, retrofittable solution that can be installed quickly. This provides optimum protection for the wild animals themselves as well as zoo visitors.

In accordance with the specifications of safety requirements, the trapped-key interlocking system from Haake helps to secure predator enclosures, sluices and sliding gates correctly. It is thus ideal as access protection for animal enclosures.

Do you have any questions related to the safety requirements for door locking systems in zoos, the various system variants or the mechanical securing of enclosures for wild animals and predators? We will be happy to advise you about our security system for animal enclosures, which is simple to implement. We can visit you personally on site – make an appointment now!

Functional principle and design of access protection for animal enclosures

Keepers know that the security of wild animals takes top priority. Because it is only if they live in suitable enclosures with the necessary safety requirements that the safety of everyone in the zoo can be guaranteed – including the safety of the predators themselves.The HST system from Haake provides support with meeting the necessary safety requirements. This mechanical or electro-mechanical access can be used for securing sluices and sliding gates. The system is easy to install and works reliably.

For more detailed information and technical data sheets on the protection of animal enclosures, take a look at the system components of the trapped-key interlocking system HST.

Thanks to the material, the trapped-key interlocking system for animal enclosures is robust, durable and maintenance-free. Only one-off installation is necessary to ensure protection for animals and humans.

Access protection for animal enclosures: your benefits at a glance

You get the following advantages for protecting access to animal enclosures:

  • High safety level due to individual codes: a special coded key can never be in two places at the same time. Accordingly, the door locking system is designed to mechanically lock or release the keys against each other.
  • Robust against extreme environmental conditions such as animal excrement and urine: The trapped-key interlocking system for animal enclosures is insensitive and does not rust.
  • Safe during power outages: Since the access protection for animal enclosures works completely without electricity, nothing can happen even in the event of a power failure.
  • Maintenance-free: Once installed, the animal enclosure access protection is ready for use. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel components, maintenance is only required to a very limited extent.
  • Durable: The HST system is made of high-quality stainless steel components which are insensitive and robust and therefore have a long service life.
  • Easy to implement: Our door locking system is very easy to install and works straight away.

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Haake trapped-key interlocking systems in zoos – an application example

Dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, gorillas and elephants are always the crowd pullers at zoos of all kinds and sizes. However, these wild animals pose a danger that should never be underestimated. Time and again, human error and inadequate safety systems in zoos result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents for humans and animals. For this reason, statutory accident insurance companies have long demanded increased safety requirements for enclosures, such as the use of a trapped-key interlocking system.

How a trapped key interlocking system works in the daily routine of an animal keeper is shown in this video.

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