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The company Haake

Since 1987, the family-run company Haake Technik GmbH has been providing the greatest safety at workplaces worldwide. The safety engineering products from our own production in Germany have been convincing well-known partners, companies, businesses and public institutions with innovative solutions for many years. By using high-quality materials we contribute to the prevention of accidents and to the protection and preservation of our environment.

Our goal: Safe interaction between man and machine

When man and machine come together, the highest safety precautions and standards are required. Special safety solutions are particularly in demand in certain sectors, such as the automotive industry, the chemical industry, logistics, mechanical engineering, the oil and gas industry, but also in young branches such as robotics.

We see ourselves as problem solvers for these specific security issues and are today experts in individual planning, according to the security requirements and needs of our customers. Our product range offers exactly the right product for every area where security must be guaranteed.

Business areas of Haake Technik GmbH all over the world

We are one of the leading companies in the field of non-contact sensor technology and mechanical/electromechanical key transfer systems. Our high-quality portfolio includes numerous self-developed product series, which we develop to market maturity in our own laboratories. From China to the USA - In about 34 countries we work together with our sales partners, which makes the Haake security solutions world-famous. Built in Germany - made for a safe world!

High quality standards since the beginning

For 25 years we have not made any compromises in the quality of our products. A maximum of reliability is essential in the field of safety technology. We face up to this responsibility. Our quality assurance therefore goes far beyond the standard. None of our product series leaves our factory without having been extensively checked, measured, tested and convincing in application.

Our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Certification of the quality management system

  • according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • according to Annex X of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • according to Directive 2014/34/EU (Explosion Protection Directive) Annex VII
  • according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 for key transfer systems HST

The history of the Haake Technik GmbH

  1. 1974
    Werner Haake founds his own engineering office. He develops safety-related products and successfully licenses them to well-known companies.
  2. 1987
    The sons André and Oliver Haake transform their father's engineering office into Haake Technik GmbH. The mission: The development and production of individual and high-quality safety solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the customers.
  3. 1989
    The sons André and Oliver Haake transform the engineering office of their father into Haake Konstruktionstechnik GmbH. The mission: The development and production of individual and high quality security solutions tailored to the special requirements of the customers.
  4. 1990
    The economic breakthrough is achieved with the participation at the Hannover Fair in 1990. The leading manufacturers of driverless transport vehicles become aware of the touch sensitive sensors of Haake Technik and use them from now on. At the same time the first strategic partnerships in the mechanical engineering and door and gate industry are established.
  5. 1994
    Haake intensifies its sales activities in France and founds its first sales office.
  6. 1996
    As one of the first companies in the region, Haake successfully introduced a quality management system according to the requirements of today's DIN EN ISO 9001.
  7. 1997
    The Haake Konstruktionstechnik GmbH is renamed to Haake Technik GmbH.
  8. 2001
    The Italian market will be a strategic growth market for Haake. The Haake S.R.L. is founded.
  9. 2003
    The Haake key transfer system HST is successfully introduced. The company location in Südlohn is no longer sufficient due to the constant growth and expansion of the product portfolio. The move to a new and considerably larger company building in Vreden takes place.
  10. 2007
    Haake intensifies its activities in North America. Haake Safety Inc. is founded in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The subsidiary concentrates with its own production facility on the production and distribution of Haake safety solutions.
  11. 2008
    The Haake fitting locking system HSV is successfully introduced. The production of this system as well as the key transfer systems HST takes place at a new production site in Stadtlohn. At the same time, Haake Safety Pty Ltd. is founded in South Africa with its headquarters in Johannesburg.
  12. 2011
    The already high quality standards will be extended by the introduction of the comprehensive quality management system (UQS) according to Annex X of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for the HST and HSV product series. Thus Haake Technik creates a unique selling point in the field of key transfer and fitting locking systems.
  13. 2012
    Haake is aware of its responsibility for the environment and implements an environmental management system, which is awarded by the cooperation project "Ökoprofit". Furthermore, Haake Technik celebrates its 25th anniversary.
  14. 2017
    Haake builds a new production hall at the main location in Vreden. The production of the key transfer systems HST and fitting locks HSV will be moved back to Vreden.
  15. 2018
    The quality management system of Haake Technik is extended by the DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 for key transfer systems HST. Furthermore, a quality assurance system according to Annex VIII of the Explosion Protection Directive 2014/34/EU is introduced.
  16. 2019
    With the go-live of the new ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Haake Technik lays an essential foundation for the further development of business processes.

Highest priority since 1987: the uncompromising quality of our products

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